If you have any questions not answered on this FAQ, call our 24hr hotline,
0800 1830568 or contact us here.

Are Jays Airports Limited fully insured and licensed?

Yes. Jays Airports are licensed and are fully insured to transport you and your passengers. So rest assured, we adhere to strict guidelines for your comfort and safety.

If we travel early in the morning or late at night, do you apply a surcharge?

No. The price we quote is the same whether you need to be collected in the early hours, late at night or during the middle of the day.

We have children travelling in our party, if we bring booster seats , do we need to take them on holiday with us?

We are “child friendly”, if you need booster seats to ensure your child’s safety during transport with us, we will store them and ensure they are provided for your return trip. All we ask is that you tell us in advance, and label them with details of your party to make sure they are present for your return journey. This is all part of the service.

Do I have to phone your driver to let him know we are ready for collection?

Jays Airports will monitor your estimated time of arrival and our driver will be waiting for you, to assist with any luggage and guide you to your car. This is all part of the service.

Obviously if it is a meeting or a corporate event, we are not fortune tellers so let us know your estimated time in advance and if the time is going to radically differ, we will give you a number to call to allow the driver to be waiting for you, or just book the driver for the day.

My flight has been delayed, will I be stranded?

Jays Airports will monitor your flight or sailing details and will be totally aware of any disruptions to your itinerary, so if you are going to be late, we or one of our partners, will be there to ensure that you are never left stranded.

Can I book you on-line?

At the moment, we prefer for you to talk to a real person, whether it be by email or phone, this way we can ensure that your booking is personally catered for. Please phone or use our contact page for any enquiries or bookings.

Is there an “admin” fee for arranging an account with Jays Airports?

No. We will set up your account and you only pay us for the services we quote when you use them.

If we open a 30 day account, do you charge an ongoing “admin” fee whether we use your services or not?

No. You only pay us for the services we quote when you use them.

You have a “meet and greet” service, monitor times of arrival, and will also look after booster seats for any children….Are these extras?

No. These are all included in our service so are included in the price quoted.